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Frequently Asked Questions

  • This Is Not A Question BUT
  • IT May Answer A Lot Of Questions
  • The PUMA Chronicle
  • :}1769 Johann Wilhelm Lauterjung writes down his trademark in the knife makers role of Solingen - the PUMA history started.
  • :}1855 His great-grandchild Nathanael (1815-1865) moved the production to the nearby city of Solingen
  • :}1876 His son, Ernst Otto Lauterjung (1855-1931) for the first time also manufactures pocket-knives, stilettos, sabers and hunting knives in an additional small factory.
  • :}1900 On May 26th the name "PUMA-Werk, Lauterjung und Sohn" is written down on the Solingen register of companies.
  • :}1920 The sons Eugen (1883-1961) and Franz (1888-1976) build a second plant in Solingen and push the export. So PUMA got known internationally before the II. World War.
  • :}1936-1945 During the second World War the production is put under the authority of the war industry.
  • :}1946 Return to the civilian production of pocket- and household knives.
  • :}1953 Oswald von Frankenberg and Ludwigsdorf (1915-1986), husband of Renate Lauterjung, changes the production on functional hunting-, fishing-, outdoor- and sporting knives. In cooperation with top forestry commissioner Walter Frevert, a number of PUMA classics are developed (Waidbesteck, Jagdnicker, Waidmesser, Universal hunting knife and Hog Spear). The bloodhound leader Tassius designs the Rüdemann and the Wildtöte.
  • :}1956 PUMA develops the White Hunter model for the East african hunting organization.
  • :}1965 PUMA introduces the number (date code) system. Every model gets an examining number of its own, incl. guarantee exercise book, with production year.
  • :}1967 Renate von Frankenberg takes over the management in the PUMA-Werk.
  • :}1986 Oswald von Frankenberg and Ludwigsdorf dies and leaves an economically highly profitable and internationally recognized enterprise behind.
  • :}1991 Sale of PUMA-Werk to the Solinger family Hindrichs.
  • :}1995 Harald Lauer, already active in the enterprise since the end of the seventies, becomes Managing director of PUMA-Werk. Under his management new production methods are forced, e.g. CNC controllers and laser technology.
  • :}1998 Sale to businessman Heiner Hiepass-Aryus and removal to the modern industrial area "Auferhöhe".
  • :}2003 Next to the classic line PUMA offers its customers a series of very qualitative knives in traditional design under the label "PUMA IP" ( PUMA International Production).
  • Question: When did Puma discontinue using the green & yellow plastic boxes?
  • Answer:  To start with we need to go back a little further in time. Puma started using the green plastic top box with a gold cardboard bottom in the early mid 60's. In 1971 they switched from the cardboard bottom to the yellow plastic bottom still using the same green plastic top. In the late 1980's early 1990's they started putting some of their knives in green cardboard boxes which eventually took over the green & yellow plastic boxes about 1993 or 1994. I have seen both green cardboard & green & yellow plastic in 1993 & 1994 so ether could be correct. The green cardboard was discontinued in 1996 & the black cardboard boxes that are still in use today were introduced. 
  • A little note, Some of the older knives & a few of the new ones did not come in boxes. They came in a cellophane (plastic) bag. The scout knives were an example of this, they were shipped in a bag, never seen one in a box.  So BEWARE if someone is trying to sell you a Puma that was made in say 1997 or 1998 that is in a green & yellow plastic box! IT'S NOT CORRECT!!!  I would be suspicious of anything made after 1994 that's in a plastic box.
  • Question: I have been told that Puma made springer's, [automatics]! Back in the 1950s, and that they appear similar to Hubertus, Boker, & Bonsa lever-lock springer's. Is that true?
  • Answer: Yes they did, and they are extremely rare! and you have to be very careful when looking at one to buy, as most of the ones I have seen for sale have been FAKE .
  • Question: What is the difference between a Model 6377 and a Model 6375 White Hunter?
  • Answer: The first W/Hunters, model 6377's were made of carbon steel or PUMASTER STEEL as it is called. In 1980 Puma introduced a new Stainless steel version and called it the 6375. No other differences but blade material.
  • Question: What year was the White Hunter introduced?
  • Answer: The Famous, Puma White Hunter, was introduced in 1956, and is still in production today.
  • Question: Where Are Puma Knives Made?
    Answer: The older and more collectible ones, were HAND made in Solingen Germany. Today some of the Puma knives are made in Spain.
  • Question: When were Puma knives first imported into the U.S.?
  • Answer: Puma Knives were first imported into the U.S. in 1957 by Kurt Gutmann, founder of Gutmann Cutlery Inc.
  • Question: Is the back (top) of a puma white hunter supposed to be cutting sharp?
  • Answer: No, It is used for chopping and hacking brush and bone and such, so you don't have to dull the real (main) cutting edge.
    You could sharpen it if you want, but it not cutting sharp from the factory.
  • Question: What were the years of production for Puma White Hunter Model 6384? Were date codes used on this model, as with 6377, 6399, etc.?
  • Answer: Date codes were used on this model, just as they were on the other models. As for the years of production, all I can tell you is , they were made prior to 1964 and at least up until the late 60s.
  • Question: Were all Puma knives made after 1964 serial numbered or date coded?
  • Answer:  No!!! This is a Very Common Misconception. There were a number of models that Puma made after 1964 that were NOT date coded along with all of the models of the Scout Knives, Scout Knives were never date coded.


Knife News said...

Nice Site !

Paul said...

I like the new site but I miss all the knives from your old site. I always use your site as a good reference for puma knives. Thanks, Paul

Puma Knife Man said...

Thanks Paul. I will be posting more knives as time allows. Thanks Brent

Josh said...

Great site!

What is the size of the Puma Lord blade? Is it the smallest of the Aristocrat line?

Puma Knife Man said...

Yes, the Lord is the smallest of the Aristocrat Series. The blade is 2 1/4" Brent

Anonymous said...

Wow!, love the selection of old Pumas. I keep my loose pocket knives in an old Puma Razor box I got from a cutlery shop I worked at in the early 80s. Question, is that stag Medici still for sale?

Anonymous said...

Great site Brent. Thanks for putting so much helpful information out there. Where do you find all of these knives ?
I have never seen some of these before.

otto kittel said...

I am a small Puma collector and use your site for reference, You are the MAN! OTTO KITTEL

Anonymous said...

Great/impressive site.

What were the years of production for Puma White Hunter Model 6384? Were date codes used on this model, as with 6377, 6399, etc.?

Anonymous said...

Impressive collection and thank you for the history of Puma.

Question, I found a 6396 Bowie with sheath, serial: 96083 at a garage sale. Its in rough condition. Should I have it reworked or leave it as is?

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry,

This is a very interesting site! I have a question for you, I have a skinmaster 126010 and I can't find any in formation regarding this Knife. It is slimier to your 146010 with the Stainless Blade, Black Micarta Handel. Except the blade which is different, it looks like a 116010 blade. I was going to use it but if its collectable I will have to save it! I look forward to your reply. Best Regards, Matthew

Anonymous said...

I was given a 6393 Puma Skinner.control#11071. pob 406. Could you tell me when it was made, original cost, and todays value? It has never been out of the box. Thanks Bobby B.

Puma Knife Man said...

Hi Matthew
Most all of the older Puma Skinmasters are becoming more & more collectable. If it is an older one, I wouldn't use it if I were you. Brent

Puma Knife Man said...

Hi Bobby
Your Skinner was made in the first quarter of 1970. If it is totaly mint in the correctly marked green plastic top & gold cardboard bottom box with all of the papers & warranty card, it should have a retail value of about $425. These were also available in the wood gift box. I don't have a retail price for 1970 but I do have a 1968 dealer price sheet. In 1968 the model 6393 skinner sold whoesale for $10. Brent

Anonymous said...

chinese made pumas come out of some company in Oregon, the puma companys prime distributer in the US something about a court case forcing the german home company to allow him to have knives made in china with the puma logo, the home company isn't very happy with him they were proud of the fact they made thier knives in Germany who manufacters the best steel, figures a liberal state like Oregon to screw up a good thing, something about not being able to sell German knifes cause their too expensive, so when you buy a puma make sure you buy a German one ,they are made out of better steel, chinese steel is mostly made out of recycled steel (Old chevys and scrap),the chinese are trying that with their copy cat motorcycles too but are about to get shut down because they are unsafe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brent! I haven't seen this area before, it's very funny the brazilian stating that the site is "worst" and "full of old fashioned and useless things"
Keep updating!, I like checking your Pumas for sale list, it's always full of knives that I "should have", maybe I will...
Regards from Argentina, Alejandro Alonso.

t o. meehan said...

Great Site! I see Puma Models here I never saw before. I have a MEDICI and discovered that you can upen ot one-handed by pressing on the hand guard. I suppose Puma company knows this. I wish they would up-size this knife just a bit and add some serrations and a lanyard hole. It would be a more practical carry knife then. Still it's a very nifty knife.

T.O. Meehan

Ralf said...

it is very nicely and good that a man such Brent all the puma collectors help by any questions about there Knifes. I regularly visit his homepage to pic up informations and i always look for the knifes which he sold. It is a very nicely laid out website and i`m glad that there is a Pumaknifeman for us. Thanks for all, Brent .. and make further this great thing!
All the best and Greetings from Germany,
Ralf (pumahunter)

Anonymous said...

I appreciate your site a lot. Your collection is outstanding and I like a number of the knives you have for sale. I just obtained a set containing a lord #895, gentleman #995 and a rambler #455 in the original presentation box. Any idea as to the year made and as to value?

tophunter said...

I have purchased several knives from you on eBay. This is a fine site. I was particularly gratified to find the date code chart. However, I have a couple that are missing. One is a White Hunter 20687 and the other is an Auto 52962.

tophunter said...

In the history I noticed the statement, "Puma Knives were first imported into the U.S. in 1957 by Kurt Gutmann." At least a year or two prior to that I purchased Puma knives directly from B. Sovoboda in Montrose, CA. I have a Hunter's Pal with his information etched on the blade. We were introduced by a mutual friend and I visited and even partied with Mila several times. At a New Year's Eve party we had to put our shirts on backwards and our ties around our waists. There were people there from all over the former Austro-Hungarian empire and he had posted signs all over the house stating, "No Politics!"

I believe that his story would make fascinating reading including his flying a private plane over the Iron Curtain and later having the rest of the family brought out by a professional Iron Curtain raiser. I met one of these guys who had checked some throwing knives out of stock and was sticking them within a couple of inches of one another in a cross section of a log in the back yard.

Do you have more information about him and what happened after that? By 1960 I had lost track of him but I know he had two children and I hoped they might continue the business.

tophunter said...

I have been told that knives labeled Custom Explorer Alpine Hunter with wood grip scales are actually made by Puma. Does someone have any information on this?

Also does anyone have information on date codes that do not appear on the 1964-1982 list such as those I asked about in a previous comment?

Puma Knife Man said...

Hi Tophunter, The information about Gutmann being the first importer or as I should say, distributer, came directly from Puma & Gutmann, as a mater of fact Puma even went so far as to tell me the first two models that Gutmann imported were the 6377 White Hunter & the 501 Scale knife.
I am sure that it's entirely possible that you purchased your Puma knives in the U.S. before 1957. I am also pretty sure that there had to be a few other people in the U.S. that had contacts in Germany that could have Puma knives shipped to them. Just as today, you or I can buy Puma knives directly from dealers in Germany & have them shipped to us, but that doesn't mean we are distributer. I think what Puma & Gutmann really mean by saying Gutmann was the fisrt importer is, Gutmann was the first to be licensed or have a contract with Puma to be the sole importer for their knives in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

I bought a Pume white hunter 6377 made of pumaster steel.the number 53606 is stamped on the finger guard.How old is this knife?

bowhana said...

Question: I have White Hunter 6377 with Serial Number 74606. Do you have any idea when it was manufactured. It is still new in the wooden presentation box with the tag still attached.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brent , I appreciate your site and refer friends to it often . I have a 675 stockman with control # 72172 ?? . Should this be # 27172 as a second quarter 1971 production ? Thanks , Bob

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your site and recently aquired a couple of Puma Hunters Pal knives that I've been trying to determine the year they were made.One I recently bought I was told was made in 1966.The other is newer and came in the Fred Bear's stone,knife,and file set offered by Three Rivers Archery a couple years ago in their catalog.Could I get some information on how to date these knives?I see references to some date charts on previous posts but I don't know how to view them.Your help would be greatly appreciated.Also,the knife that was supposedly made in 1966 is in brand new condition.Do you recommend it not be used?Is it too valuable as a collector now?Thanks for any help. John

Anonymous said...

Just found your site and it's a wealth of infomation. Just purchased a Puma knife at a local neiborhood yardsale (Boise, ID). Paid $10 for a Puma Skinmaster 116010. Just the knife and sheath, no box or paperwork. What do these go for retail? I'm sure I did good. Thanks.... Tom

Dick Steflik said...

Just found your site, nice job. I have a Puma 943 that I bought when I was in the service in Germany in 1968-1969. Its been a working knife and has seen a lot of use. The bone saw broke a few years ago, is there any place I can get the blade replaced?

Dick Steflik

Anonymous said...

Hola, lo felicito por su afición, yo también colecciono cuchillos Puma!!!



capray said...

Can you date a model 6398 "Hunters Friend" with no other # on knife. Genuine Pumaster Steel & Germany on blade.

weldon said...

I bought a Puma nicker vam Waldbesteck Knife the # is below the handle not on the side of blade and it is INOX Bestell-Nr 3587 and on the other side is Puma - werk Soungen Made in Germany it is 8 inches long. It looks like the 3587 you have in your knives but it is Jagdnicker not a NICKER. I feel it is an older Knife but can't fine any like it. Would like some information on it and about what the price would be. Thanks Weldon

Anonymous said...

How did the Waidmesser get its name? (In German Waid means blue die or the plant from which it is derived and messer means knife.)

Bhard said...

Nice site. I have a white hunter 6377 made in 1970. I am going hunting for the first time soon, and I was wondering if it would make a good knife for field dressing or skinning a deer?

Anonymous said...

Great site. I have a white hunter with rosewood handles and it is 6399 on the blade but no stamped number on the finger guard, any idea the date of this knife? it is almost mint condition but no box or sheath. Thanks Anthony

Anonymous said...

I have just received a Puma Skinner 6393 with a sheath, number 22072. Any idea when this was made, and its value? it has a sheath, but the first rivet on top has popped, and the blade has been polished. Thanks.
Like the information available- good luck with your book- that is a very slow process at the best of times, but when you are doing research- just remember you are creating, and the results are workt it.
David Larson

Anonymous said...

Really like your site, I have reciently been given as a gift a Puma Medici and was wondering how and when this style of knife came into puma production. It differs strongly from any other puma folder.
Lee UK

Anonymous said...

Hello,I just purchased an older skinner. It has no date code on tang. It has an etching, but barely readable. There is some stampings on the inside of the sheath, and some are numbers, only 3 which I can make out which are 840. There may be more, but the knife rubbing would have worn them off if there were more originally. What period, how long, were these made prior to the 60's date coding? Any more value being a pre-date coded knife. Thank you, Joe

Anonymous said...

what about my Puma knife 971 Plainsman with saw, mint condition never used, of 1965?

Anonymous said...


Leighton said...

I have bought two Super Sets from Brent, and have been absolutly pleased with them, and his service. Am I going to tell others about him? No, so that way I can get more!!! Don't want to ruin a good thing!!!!

Again, thanks for the knives!!


Buttebuff said...

When did the Puma knives enter a state of decline in workmanship and quality? Your date chart ends in the early l980s. Did the descent begin then? Thanks!

doorgunner69 said...

Hi, can anyone tell me where to find the date codes for Puma knives. I used to have them but bought a new computer and lost the saved document. I used to go to a web site called PUMA ONLY. but its gone!?

Anonymous said...

hello Brent.whats the right way to use the lanyard hole ,the knife in the sheath with the small leather string around the top of the sheath .how does that hold the knife in the sheath ?

Flat Rock said...

Hi,I have a old Puma knife with no number on it,it just says Puma solingen on the blade it has a black metal sheeth. The knife is 10inches in length the sheeth is about 6 1/2 inches the end of the handle is rounded there is a leather buffer on the hilt.Is there somwhere i can send a picture. Thanks i have no info on this knife.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have two mint Pumas, a #6393, and a #6397, They both have the original sheaths, which were never used, and also the gold cards that came with them. These Pumas both came packaged in wooden boxes with gold latches. Can you give me an idea on the price of these two ? I haven't seen any others that came in these type of boxes.

Anonymous said...

I have a "hunters friend" skinning knife with serial # on sheath, guard and blade. I was wondering the value and it's history? All serial #'s are different. Thanks LT

Anonymous said...

I inherited a WHITE HUNTER from my late father.It is a older model with no numbers.On the right side of the blade it says"FOR THE WHITE HUNTER".Also I was wondering if they made left hand versions as my father was left handed and so am I.The handle feels more natural in my left hand.The leather case is not square at the end butcurved liked the blade.I am curious if this is a rare version.Any insight would be appreciated,Herb.

Anonymous said...

gidday puma knife man from downunder
i found an old puma with a round handle sloping to a small finger stop before the blade . blade appros 4.5 inches and in rough condition no rust but used
any idea what model or type number etc it could be

Anonymous said...

I just received the knife I purchased. It was just as described with GREAT service. THANKS, Jack

Janne said...


My grandfather had found a puma white hunter 6377 from an old german camp in Finland, Lapland. It was stuck in a tree without handle plates. It also says it's handmade. I can't inform you the searial number because I am yet to find the crossguard. Is it rare because it says it's handmade? I would appreciate any information.

simon said...


I have just received (today) a Puma model 3591 Waidmesser knife which belonged to my grandfather. I am unsure of its age but it was stored away with a WWII bayonet and his naval uniform. I thought then that perhaps this knife was from the c1939 - 1945 period but knowing nothing of these knives before today and having had a quick glance online it seems many of these knives were made post war; is this correct?

Anyway, could you advise on where I can get this knife cleaned and re sharpened back to its former glory? It is an excellent knife; I had never heard of these knives before today and I am pleasantly surprised at having received the one which belonged to my grandfather, not least because of its quality. Certainly this one is weighty and has a beautiful bone handle etc...but it appears to have been neglected for years and needs some attention. It still has its sheath which has probably kept it in the shape its in but still it has the signs of age (used and a bit grubby) Any advice would be welcome.


Scott said...

Hi Trent,

I am looking for nice Puma Skinner. what year did Puma switch from forging these knives to laser cut? Was it in the 1990's? Aside from being more expensive to manufacture do forged knives perform any better then the laser versions?

Many Thanks,

Richard said...

I have a Puma General mod. 230 270. The locking mechanism is failing. Can you , or do you know of anyone that can repair it. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was just given a pair of Puma knives by my father which were owned and used by my uncle while on his tour with the Army in Africa in the late 1960's. One is the Puma Model 6395 gut knife and the other is what I believe to be the Model 6398. I also have the original sheath although it's a little cracked and dry. The gut knife has it's markings of "Puma-Solingen Germany-Inox", but the larger knife has been well used and the blade is scuffed up from sharpening so I take it that the markings which should have been there are worn off. It does have, however, what I guess is a serial number on the brass hilt that is
"42606". Oh, and I say I believe it is a model 6398 because it does have the hole in the handle unlike the 6388. I don't believe that my father had the box and paperwork. I plan on using these knives for what they were intended and hopefully I'll skin many deer with them, but just for interest, could you tell me what they might be worth in their current condition? They are beautiful knives and I really admire them for their quality and the fact that my uncle, who I'm named after, used them to clean exotic game in Africa during the Vietnam War. Also, any tips on reconditioning or possibly where I could find a new, reproduction, or well kept sheath for these knives? Thank you for your expertise.

John Conner
Lake Charles, La

Anonymous said...

Great site! I went out to the garage to get an old Puma I bought some years ago. It's a Corporal, similar to the Rambler you show, but with a black handle. It's not in "mint" condition, and I tossed the box and paperwork years ago, but it's nice to know I made a good decision back when! I'm keeping it in my desk drawer from now on.

Anonymous said...

great site, Brent !

You're indeed the Meister !


recoil said...

Congratulations on your retirement and thanks for answering my past questions. Enjoy life!

Mike said...

I have a 3591 in the green box with, perhaps, all of the literature. There are 2 small books, one with a metal clasp which I have not opened. The other has the Garantie-Scheck, a description of all the parts, calendars for 1957 & 1958, what appears to be a schedule of hunting seasons and a catalog of Puma knives. The only English is "Printed in Germany" on page 32. Would this be helpful in writing the book. Another piece describes the snap closure on the sheath (might be a new feature?)

Anonymous said...

Great site Brent,I purchased a puma Sea Hunter set in about 1977 it was a two knife set, the mariner and sea hunter together in a leather sheath, the poor old mariner has has been used so much I have retired it to the archives now. I'm looking for a hunters pal now.

Anonymous said...

Very nice site. Great collection. Wish I had some like them. Keep up the good work on listing Puma's. Makes me want them that much more. No questions.

Anonymous said...

Hi very nice collection and information , please can you help me date this knife puma skinner no 6393 DBGM 1865840 made in germany any added information would be gratefully accepted

many thanks in advance

p sheck said...

Nice collection. I have a '58 waidmesser purchased in Stuttgart new by my stepfather while stationed there with RCAF surprised to see the value

Anonymous said...

Purchased a Puma Earl pocket knife a week ago,last Puma i purchased was in about 1976 (PUMA CUB).Never been so dissapointed fit and finish was awful not a patch on my old Puma. When did the quality fall away sent knife back for a refund i couldn't believe how bad it was. Are other folder's like this in general,or did i just get a bad one.
Tom from (aust)

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for a rosewood handled White Hunter with David Cross on the sheath. I carried it in Vietnam and would love to find it. I lost it in Denver about '77. Contact me @ if it's out there. will trade guns, cars or money. It saved my life, the scumbag that stole it has my everlasting enmity

Joshua Thai said...

It is great to see your helpful detail about the subject, here also I was visit Couteau-de-chasse for the shopping of knifes.