Friday, July 20, 2018

Puma Buddy, Model 6383

Buddy, Model 6383. Control Number 96083
3rd Quarter of 1968.

A beautiful Buddy in Mint Condition. This knife has everything !
Outstanding Sambar Stag Handles on Both Sides. 
 Rockwell Sticker, Warranty Card and 
Product Information Literature.  Original Green / Gold Box. Sheath with Leg Lanyard. 
Light Surface Soiling to the Sheath.

ID # 817
Price $450.00 plus shipping to your place

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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Scale Knife, Model 937

Scale Knife, Model 937
Abercrombie & Fitch

An Early Wood Handle model of the Scale Knife marked 
Abercrombie & Fitch.
In excellent condition with the correct
Box which is also in excellent condition. Original leather lanyard.
The scale is the English version. A rare version of the knife in Collector Condition

Price - $400.
ID# 942
plus  Shipping Charges

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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Jagdnicker, Model 3589

Jagdnicker, Model 3589

This knife is a Pre 1964 model with a early Pigskin sheath. It is the larger model and it is in Excellent condition. It is complete with Box, Sheath and Gold Booklet.
Overall length is 9" and Blade is 4.5" in length.
The knife, box and sheath is exceptionally nice and is overall a highly desirable collectors piece.
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Price = $625.  SOLD
ID#  951

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Jagdnicker, Model 3589

Jagdnicker, Model 3589
This knife is a Pre 1964 model with a early light brown leather sheath. It is the larger model and it is in Excellent condition. It is complete with Box, Sheath and Gold Booklet.
Overall length is 9" and Blade is 4.5" in length.
The knife, box and sheath is exceptionally nice and is overall a highly desirable collectors piece.
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Price $600  SOLD
ID# 159

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Puma Hair Clippers

Puma Hair Clippers
Puma Hair Clippers, Model 11 / 0000. Circa 1960's. An interesting collectors piece. Complete with all of the associated paperwork. It is unusual to find the spare parts. Even has the Original bill of sale.  One of the most complete set of Clippers we have seen.
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Price $150   SOLD
ID# 1021 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Puma Catalog From 1984

Puma Catalog from 1984.
This is one of the most important catalogs for the serious collector. It is referred to as the "Green" Catalog and the "Puma Bible". Published in 1984 in a prime time period for Puma.  It covers all aspects of the Puma Product Line.  48 pages of solid reference material for the collector.

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Price $150.00 plus postage

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Puma Game Counter

Habsburger Streckenuhr, Model 1801
Also known as the Game Counter

Used by Game Keepers on large European estates to record total counts of game harvested during a hunt. Each hunter is given one of these and they are turned in at the end of the hunt. All counters are tallied for the total. 
Hare and Rabbit on one side.
Pheasant and Grouse on the reverse side.
 Complete with original box and foam. 
An interesting collectors piece.

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ID# 024 = Price $650. 
plus actual shipping cost

Puma Knife and Fork Combination Set

Knife and Fork Combination Set. Also known as a Coachman's Set. 
 Circa 1920-30's.
These early European sets were used by travelers who would bring their own cutlery on their trip and date back several hundred years when travel by coach's was widely used with overnight stops along the way.
This set is in excellent condition for it its age and Rare.
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Price $550 plus Postage
ID # 555

Puma SkinMaster with Grenadil Wood

SkinMaster, Model 6010 with Grenadil Wood.  
This wood is also known as African Blackwood and is one of the seldom seen handle material for the SkinMaster.  
 8 1/8" overall. Blade is  3 1/2" Stainless steel blade. Full tang.  Nickel silver bolsters and Brass lined lanyard hole. Brown leather belt sheath. Deluxe wood presentation box. Correct Warranty Card.
Mint Condition.
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ID #188 = Price $475  SOLD
plus shipping and handling

Monday, June 11, 2018

If you have interest in a item on the site.....
Please let me know the ID # below the description or the Name of the knife.
You can reach me at or if you feel the need to discuss, you can reach me by cell at 936.661.3595.  
In most cases, you might have to leave a message but I will definitely get back to you.

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Puma Game Keeper, Model 3591

Game Keeper aka Waidmesser, Model 3591
A Beautiful Pre-64 example in a Wood Gift Presentation Box with
Paperwork and Gold Booklet. This knife has the exceptionally rare 
Phillips Screwdriver attachment instead of the usual Corkscrew.
This is a very good opportunity to own one of the rarest Game Keeper models.
This piece is not perfect but it is in excellent condition and would be very difficult to upgrade.
For the Collector with a good eye and who appreciates this nice opportunity.
Click on Pictures to Enlarge. 
$900 plus shipping at cost. 
ID # 055

Puma Gutting Knife, Model 3595

Gutting Knife, Model 3595

This knife is in Good Used Condition. Has been sharpened. 
It has very nice, well matched Sambar Stag with no pin cracks.  Circa 1960's.
This knife is missing from many advanced collections. 
The sheath is even more rare than the knife. It is very difficult to find.
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ID # 1080 Price is $425
plus actual shipping cost to your destination

Friday, June 01, 2018

Please Read

Hello Fellow Puma Collectors

Hello Everyone !  A short time ago, I began a process to transition the Puma Knife Man on to its next chapter.  I have officially retired from everything and I have entrusted my website to my good friend and fellow collector, Ken Tarpey.  You might know him as the owner of the Classic Puma Knives website. His site is a world class resource for collectors around the world.  I chose Ken because of his passion for collecting everything Puma and for his honesty and fair dealings with me in the past.  He has a valuable working knowledge of  collecting and all things Puma. I am sure he will bring that  same level of passion and honesty to you as well.  I leave you in good hands with Ken and  also with a heartfelt thank you to all of you !  Brent

Friday, January 19, 2018

Puma Model 3591 Waidmesser

Puma Model 3591 Waidmesser.
Made in 1976  Mint Condition in the Original Correctly marked box With Matching Warranty card. Even has the Original Cardboard Packing Sleeve. Rockwell Sticker is Still Attached.
Beautiful well Matched India Sambar Stag.
These are getting Hard to Find this Nice.
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 ID# 977 = Price $675

Puma Model 3588 Super Set

Puma Model 3588 Super Set.
Made in 1974.  Mint Condition in the Original, Correctly marked Wood Display box.
Still Has the Rockwell Sticker Still Attached
 Very Nice India Sambar Stag.
These Sets are Getting Hard to Find!
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 ID# 357 = Price $875   On Hold - SALE Pending

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Puma Model 6368 Capri Divers Knife

Puma Model 6368 Capri Divers Knife.
Made in 1980. Near Mint Condition, Never Sharpened
or Used but has a Small Blemish & a Couple of Very Fine Scratches on the Blade. Comes in the Original Correctly
Marked box. These are Very Hard to Find.
Click on Pictures to Enlarge.
ID# 846 = Price $425

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Puma Model 745 - 4 Star

Puma Model 745 - 4 Star.
Made in 1978. Mint Condition in the Original Correctly Marked box with Puma Brochure.
3" Stainless Steel Blade, 4" Closed. Nickel Silver Bolsters & Pins With Beautiful India Sambar Stag Handles.
Click on Pictures to Enlarge.  
Price $375.
 ID# 939 

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Puma Model 8109 Treff II

Puma Model 8109 Treff II
Made in 1984. Near Mint Condition, Has a Couple of Very Minor Blemishes From Being in the Sheath. Comes in the Original Correctly Marked box with All the Papers & the Outer Cardboard Shipping Sleeve.
5" Stainless Gold Filled Etched Blade with Weight Balancing Screw, 8-1/2" Overall.
Treff's Are Rare & Hard to Come By.
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 ID# 876 = Price $400

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Puma Model 44-0673 Bantam

Puma Model 44-0673 Bantam.
Made in 1991. Mint Condition in the Original  Correctly  Marked box With Matching Warranty Card & Sharpening Instructions. This is Part of  the Black Line Series.They 
Were Only Produced for a Couple of 
Years & are Very Rare &  Hard to Find.
2 -3/4" Stainless Steel Blade with  Rockwell Sticker Still Attached  on the Back, 3-3/4" Closed. 
Black Micarta Handles.
Out of my Personal Collection.
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ID# 557 = Price $375

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Puma Model 930 Cork Handle Boat Knife

Puma Model 930 Cork Handle Boat Knife.
Made in the 50's. Mint Condition.
3" Stainless Steel Blade, Cork Handle Held in Place with Brass Pins with a Marlin Spike & a Bail, 4-1/2" Closed. 
These are Very Rare & Hard to Find.
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ID# 038 = Price $250

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Frequently Asked Questions

  • This Is Not A Question BUT
  • IT May Answer A Lot Of Questions
  • The PUMA Chronicle
  • :}1769 Johann Wilhelm Lauterjung writes down his trademark in the knife makers role of Solingen - the PUMA history started.
  • :}1855 His great-grandchild Nathanael (1815-1865) moved the production to the nearby city of Solingen
  • :}1876 His son, Ernst Otto Lauterjung (1855-1931) for the first time also manufactures pocket-knives, stilettos, sabers and hunting knives in an additional small factory.
  • :}1900 On May 26th the name "PUMA-Werk, Lauterjung und Sohn" is written down on the Solingen register of companies.
  • :}1920 The sons Eugen (1883-1961) and Franz (1888-1976) build a second plant in Solingen and push the export. So PUMA got known internationally before the II. World War.
  • :}1936-1945 During the second World War the production is put under the authority of the war industry.
  • :}1946 Return to the civilian production of pocket- and household knives.
  • :}1953 Oswald von Frankenberg and Ludwigsdorf (1915-1986), husband of Renate Lauterjung, changes the production on functional hunting-, fishing-, outdoor- and sporting knives. In cooperation with top forestry commissioner Walter Frevert, a number of PUMA classics are developed (Waidbesteck, Jagdnicker, Waidmesser, Universal hunting knife and Hog Spear). The bloodhound leader Tassius designs the Rüdemann and the Wildtöte.
  • :}1956 PUMA develops the White Hunter model for the East african hunting organization.
  • :}1965 PUMA introduces the number (date code) system. Every model gets an examining number of its own, incl. guarantee exercise book, with production year.
  • :}1967 Renate von Frankenberg takes over the management in the PUMA-Werk.
  • :}1986 Oswald von Frankenberg and Ludwigsdorf dies and leaves an economically highly profitable and internationally recognized enterprise behind.
  • :}1991 Sale of PUMA-Werk to the Solinger family Hindrichs.
  • :}1995 Harald Lauer, already active in the enterprise since the end of the seventies, becomes Managing director of PUMA-Werk. Under his management new production methods are forced, e.g. CNC controllers and laser technology.
  • :}1998 Sale to businessman Heiner Hiepass-Aryus and removal to the modern industrial area "Auferhöhe".
  • :}2003 Next to the classic line PUMA offers its customers a series of very qualitative knives in traditional design under the label "PUMA IP" ( PUMA International Production).
  • Question: When did Puma discontinue using the green & yellow plastic boxes?
  • Answer:  To start with we need to go back a little further in time. Puma started using the green plastic top box with a gold cardboard bottom in the early mid 60's. In 1971 they switched from the cardboard bottom to the yellow plastic bottom still using the same green plastic top. In the late 1980's early 1990's they started putting some of their knives in green cardboard boxes which eventually took over the green & yellow plastic boxes about 1993 or 1994. I have seen both green cardboard & green & yellow plastic in 1993 & 1994 so ether could be correct. The green cardboard was discontinued in 1996 & the black cardboard boxes that are still in use today were introduced. 
  • A little note, Some of the older knives & a few of the new ones did not come in boxes. They came in a cellophane (plastic) bag. The scout knives were an example of this, they were shipped in a bag, never seen one in a box.  So BEWARE if someone is trying to sell you a Puma that was made in say 1997 or 1998 that is in a green & yellow plastic box! IT'S NOT CORRECT!!!  I would be suspicious of anything made after 1994 that's in a plastic box.
  • Question: I have been told that Puma made springer's, [automatics]! Back in the 1950s, and that they appear similar to Hubertus, Boker, & Bonsa lever-lock springer's. Is that true?
  • Answer: Yes they did, and they are extremely rare! and you have to be very careful when looking at one to buy, as most of the ones I have seen for sale have been FAKE .
  • Question: What is the difference between a Model 6377 and a Model 6375 White Hunter?
  • Answer: The first W/Hunters, model 6377's were made of carbon steel or PUMASTER STEEL as it is called. In 1980 Puma introduced a new Stainless steel version and called it the 6375. No other differences but blade material.
  • Question: What year was the White Hunter introduced?
  • Answer: The Famous, Puma White Hunter, was introduced in 1956, and is still in production today.
  • Question: Where Are Puma Knives Made?
    Answer: The older and more collectible ones, were HAND made in Solingen Germany. Today some of the Puma knives are made in Spain.
  • Question: When were Puma knives first imported into the U.S.?
  • Answer: Puma Knives were first imported into the U.S. in 1957 by Kurt Gutmann, founder of Gutmann Cutlery Inc.
  • Question: Is the back (top) of a puma white hunter supposed to be cutting sharp?
  • Answer: No, It is used for chopping and hacking brush and bone and such, so you don't have to dull the real (main) cutting edge.
    You could sharpen it if you want, but it not cutting sharp from the factory.
  • Question: What were the years of production for Puma White Hunter Model 6384? Were date codes used on this model, as with 6377, 6399, etc.?
  • Answer: Date codes were used on this model, just as they were on the other models. As for the years of production, all I can tell you is , they were made prior to 1964 and at least up until the late 60s.
  • Question: Were all Puma knives made after 1964 serial numbered or date coded?
  • Answer:  No!!! This is a Very Common Misconception. There were a number of models that Puma made after 1964 that were NOT date coded along with all of the models of the Scout Knives, Scout Knives were never date coded.